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Limbo is Coming to Xbox One, Early Buyers Get it Free

If you remember, we had reported some time ago about Korean board rating related to Limbo. The rating was for a supposed Xbox One version of the critically acclaimed title but back then nothing was confirmed.

Now, we have a confirmation.

Limbo is actually coming to Xbox One and this has been confirmed by Microsoft itself through a message that they sent out to a select number of Xbox One users of the first year anniversary of the console.

The message has been directed towards the early buyers:

“Thanks for being an Xbox One early adopter. To celebrate Year One, we’re giving you LIMBO when it’s released. Stay tuned, your free code will arrive here.”

There has been word regarding gifts that Microsoft is going to send to Xbox One users in a recent Major Nelson blog post and there are numerous games and game related content among the list of possible rewards.

However, Limbo was nowhere to be seen on that list, so it has been a surprise for all of us. That being said, the celebratory gifts are intended for a select category of owners:

The Year One Celebration gift box email will be sent to Xbox One customers who purchased the console between 11/22/13 – 11/11/14, in our 13 launch markets, are 17 years or older and have 10+ hours of usage on Xbox One.

I think it would be safe to assume that only the people who fall under the given category stand a chance to get their hands on Limbo when it releases.

Limbo was originally released to Xbox 360 by Playdead but the Xbox One version had not been confirmed until we heard of the recent message. Stay tuned for more on this!