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Itagaki Shared Details on Development of Devil’s Third

Tomonobu Itagaki is known for putting his heart into the games that he makes, take DOA or Ninja Gaiden for instance. We have our fingers crossed to see his latest venture, Devil’s Third, meet the expectations that fans have.

As far as the current state of the game is concerned, the veteran developer took to his Facebook with some updates along with basic information regarding what the game is going to be about.

Apart from detailing that the game was going to be a mix between action and shooter titles; he said that the development of the game is going smooth (they are even done with the closing movie), and that we will see it out in the markets next year.

Here is a rundown on everything else that Itagaki has shared:

  • The scale of Devil’s Third‘s story mode is greater than that of Ninja Gaiden.
  • Devil’s Third demolishes the standard of past console games in online multiplayer.
  • Almost all specifications I wanted to do were implemented. I got an up-close look at the great forerunners Call of Duty, Battlefield, Gears of War, and my beloved Halo. On that basis, we added completely new level of playability that only we can create.
  • Anyone can enjoy this game; from casual gamers to hard-core gamers. Let me put it this way. You guys can throw a fun party, or can kill each other in realistic war. You can play your heart out.

In the end he also apologized for not being able to share exactly when Devil’s Third was going to be released.

How excited are you about this Wii U exclusive?