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H1Z1 Early Access is Not Far Now, John Smedley Has Good News

Were you thinking that it is about time Sony Online Entertainment shared some more news into the development of H1Z1? Well, maybe you are right because they have stood right up and triggered our interest with news related to the H1Z1 early access.

John Smedley, who is the President of Sony Online Entertainment took to his Twitter profile recently with a jolly good announcement saying that their hard work was about to get paid off.

He says that the H1Z1 early access phase would not take too long to kick in now:

We are nearly done with the H1Z1 early access list of stuff we wanted to get in. Real happy with where we are at. Glad we spent the time.

Before this, thee developers had talked about the game in early October when they shed some light on the crafting system of the game in a video. You can go here to check it out.

Interestingly, the H1Z1 early access phase was the topic of discussion among the developers way back in July too. that was when they claimed they were ‘getting there.’ However, change of plans led them to rethink what should be added to the game before it is fully released in the open markets.

Now, it seems like they have polished the game enough to meet their own standards, and I hope this means that the game will do much better than the early phases of DayZ and Rust.

That being said, which one of the latest apocalyptic zombie survival games would you prefer to play?