Goat Simulator MMO Expansion has a Diablo 2 Easter Egg

Coffee Stain Studios, the developers of Goat Simulator recently released the MMO expansion to the game that brought you five classes including one called ‘Microwave.’ It features faction wars between goats and sheep.

However, that is not all that is interesting; there is a Diablo 2 Easter Egg in the game.

Those of you who have played Diablo 2 would remember The Secret Cow Level; well, the developers of Goat Simulators have put in something like that in their game too.

You can see how you can get there in the video above (thanks to YouTubbe user l3ardoc), but read on if you’d rather have a detailed account of everything.

You will need to catapult yourself to get to Twistram and the get to the Cathedral inside. When you reach the cathedral just break the place apart until you locate a subterranean pathway. In there you will a glyph to take you to the Cow Level.

Just that it is called the Not So Secret Cow Farm here.

You will find loads of cows in there attacking you but that is almost everything that you can do in the secret place.

Have you played Goat Simulator yet? If you have, tell us what was the most interesting thing you found about it.