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Fans Not Getting Dead Island 2 Beta Keys with Escape Dead Island Preorder

Deep Silver has announced recently that everyone who preorders Escape Dead Island is going to be given a Dead Island 2 beta key. That was one good reason for people to preorder the game.

Sadly, however, there is something wrong between them and Steam which is why people who have preordered the game are not getting the beta keys.

It was originally thought that the reason behind the beta keys not being sent was a mistake at the user’s end however multiple other complaints have been made to the developers.

Now, they have accepted that it is actually due to something between them and Steam. Here’s what the official Twitter profile of Dead Island 2 said in reply to yet another complaint:

We’re working on it with Steam. Keys will be available well before the beta starts. Thanks for your patience!

So far, we are not sure what exactly the issue is but here’s to hoping that the developers and publishers sort it out because for many of us, the beta key might have been the only reason for preordering the game.

Escape Dead Island was released to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on November 18 in United States and November 21 in Europe. Australia will get it on November 28.

As far as Dead Island 2 is concerned, the game is being developed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC but so far it doesn’t have a specific release date other than a 2015 window.

Have you preordered Escape Dead Island and received the Dead Island 2 beta key in return?