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Dragon Age Inquisition Storage Chest Request Acknowledged by BioWare

In contrast to Dragon Age Inquisition, the past two titles in the franchise allowed players to store their extra items inside special chests. There are always items that you might want to save for future use or somethings that just aren’t for selling. Rather than disposing them because they are wasting your inventory space, simply store them inside these chests.

Since Dragon Age: Inquisition has no special storage feature, players have begun requesting for it on BioWare forums and the game’s sub-Reddit. QA member Bryan Johnson came by one of these requests and replied that the request has been acknowledged but there’s no guarantee when and if it will be fulfilled.

“We have noticed this is a fan want. Not sure if it will happen, but it has been acknowledged we have seen it,” he said.

BioWare is currently busy with ironing out bugs and glitches from Dragon Age: Inquisition and so it’s highly unlikely that the team moves its focus elsewhere.

However, that said, how hard can it be to provide a chest for storage? Players might get their request fulfilled sooner than expected.

Dragon Age Inquisition is now available for purchase on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.