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Cubic Ninja Removed from eShop After 3DS HomeBrew Reports

The puzzle game Cubic Ninja has been removed from Nintendo Japan’s eShop, shortly after reports surfaced of an in-game 3DS HomeBrew exploit earlier this week.

This specific exploit allowed players to enable the use of homebrew games and applications on the Nintendo 3DS. All players required was a modified save file and a copy of Cubic Ninja.

The danger bells were soon ringing in Nintendo’s HQ once the first bunch of reports and videos started surfacing online about the exploit. The Nintendo DS was plagued with piracy throughout its life and working with homebrew content is just the first step towards that goal.

Once the homebrew report was out, the prices for used copies of Cubic Ninja also shot up on online retailers like Amazon and eBay. The North American version of the game is being sold for $40 on Amazon, while many auctions on eBay have ended over $30.

There’s no information on when the exploit will be plugged by AQ Interactive and the game brought back into the eShop.