Telltale’s Game of Thrones Forrester Family Members Unveiled

Telltale revealed Game of Thrones teaser trailer earlier this week, which showcased some of the cast members for the title. However, no details on the game’s house of Forrester were revealed until today.

In an exciting tweet, developers announced that all 13 members of House of Forrester will be scattered throughout internet, and your job will be to locate them all.

First on the list is Lord Gregor Forrester, he leads the strong Northern House. Then there’s his wife Lady Elissa Forrester.

Roderick Forrester is their first-born son, while Mira Forrester is the eldest daughter, who is also Marery Tyrell’s hand maiden in King’s Landing.

Other characters are listed below:

Along with these revealed members, you will witness some of the characters from the show including Cercei, Margery Tyrell, Tyrion and Ramsey. All of the characters will be voiced by their real-life TV show couterparts.

Game of Thrones video game will start its story near the end of season 3 and will lead up to season 5 of the TV show. First episode of the upcoming title is set to release before the end of this year.