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Nintendo Delists Game Required for 3DS Homebrew Exploit, Ninjhax

Alright this came in quick and went away quicker.

We reported on the progress known hacker Smealum had made with the 3DS homebrew exploit only a couple of days ago. Unlike what we were told previously, the exploit is officially called Nijhax and it works perfectly.

We had told you back then that it will require a specific Nintendo 3DS title to crack open the handheld. The game’s name was revealed by Smealum on his Twitter profile on November, it’s called Cubic Ninja.

For the a couple of hours after that, the game sold big time and for pretty inflated prices all over but surprisingly Nintendo got wind of the situation much sooner than expected. The game was delisted from the Japanese eShop (the game’s digital release was made only in Japan).

Smealum, whose real name is Jordan Rabet is a 22 year old computer sciences student who says it was a surprise to him that the Nintendo figured did what they did so soon:

I expected attention but I guess not that much. The way the game has sold out, the way the price has raised so much, I didn’t expect that to happen so quickly. It’s insane. It’s interesting because I didn’t provide any proof that it really was going to be Cubic Ninja. I’m wondering if they would have done that with any game…

In fact he says that it would have made things a lot more interesting if he had announced that his 3DS homebrew exploit, Ninjhax, actually used Super Smash Bros.

Well, things like these have really made life hard for Nintendo back at the time of DS and I am sure they don’t want any repeat shows.