Latest Dota 2 Update Fixes Teleporting, Crashes and other Bugs

Valve has been ever so ready to fix whatever trouble the Dota 2 fans might have been in; keeping up that tradition, they have released a new Dota 2 update dealing with multiple bus that were plaguing the game.

Top of the list will be multiple bugs that they gotten rid of. For instance, there used to be a bug that would teleport players out of the map and then there was one in swapping with contracts, another crashed the game when you reconnected and some others. Hopefully all of these and some more will not bother you anymore.

For those of you who are interested in finding out exactly what are the areas that the said Dota 2 update will work on, check out the official Steam page updates or check out this roundup on the patch notes:

  • Effigies now support styles
  • Fixed Mac/Linux frequent menu crash and fog of war visibility problems (this fix requires the Nov 21st Steam client update)
  • Fixed bug causing matches that are discarded due to poor network conditions to show up in match history, both in client and in
  • WebAPIs that power 3rd party sites. (The matches were not scored, this is bug with the match history query only.)
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause you to teleport outside of the map
  • Fixed a bug with swapping when a contract was involved
  • Fixed Glyph tooltip being too large sometimes
  • Adjusted sensitivity of poor network conditions detection
  • Fixed crashing upon reconnecting. Cleared low priority games remaining for all players who received a penalty in the past 48 hours due to abandoning.
  • Fixed various minor bugs

Check out the list of changes that the Dota 2 update has made to the game and tell us if there is anything that they have missed out? Also, if you have received the update, what is there that still bothers you in the game?