Here’s How 3DS Homebrew Exploit Ninjhax Works using Cubic Ninja

People using Nintendo’s handheld would know by now that a hacker has found him way to crack it. the first ever 3DS homebrew exploit is here and it is called Ninjhax.

It has only been a few days since it was revealed how the thing works, so here’s a video demonstrating the action.

What happens is that an error in the level creation of Ninja Cubic (a lesser known game) helps run a boot file from the SD card. This leads to the bootloader downloading some files allowing a channel to make it possible for you to run other 3DS homebrew channels.

The homebrew menu will be accessible through the Cubic Ninja game save files.

However you should know that Cubic Ninja has been delisted by Nintendo from the eShop in Japan. The game’s demand had risen so much after Smealum revealed the name of the game that it has been sold for prices as high as $500!

Physical copies of the game are nearly impossible to find now.

Anyhow, check out the video above if you are interested in the 3DS homebrew exploit but remember, it doesn’t allow piracy!