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GTA5 Patch 1.03 Brings Crashes, Connectivity Issues on PS4, Xbox One

The last we heard GTA5 glitches, bugs and fixes was not very long ago; on the day of the release people had faced data transfer issues that were quickly resolved by Rockstar Games on the very next day.

Something tells me that was not all.

The latest patch that GTA5 PS4 version received, patch 1.03, seems to have brought more inconvenience than convenience. Multiple fans of the game have reported that as soon as they install the patch 1.03 and then try going back to the game, they are welcomed by an error.

According to a Reddit user, every time he tries to run the game now, it shows the error after 20% load progress (one person recalls that the error code is CE-34878). He says that this has affected the single player as well as the online version of the game.

Ultimately, people are now uninstalling their game and then installing it again – staying as far away from the despicable update as they can.

After digging a little deeper I have found out the problem is much more widespread than what we anticipated, and now it has gotten the attention of the developers (thankfully). The support page of Rockstar Games has had an update reading:

We are currently addressing issues with intermittent connection errors for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users. This issue will be addressed by tomorrow with a patch for all users.

We are still calibrating the expanse of the problem and also the extent to which it has affected the Xbox One users along with the GTA5 PS4 users. Do give us a shout out in the comments section if you know something we don’t.