Why Tales From Borderlands Is Awesome, Gearbox Answers

Tales from Borderlands is in development at Telltale Games, but the owners of the franchise Gearbox has released a new video in which they describe their role in the episodic adventure.

You will see writers and developers at Gearbox explaining that with Telltale’s project, the studio got a chance to work on the stories in the world of Pandora which have been ignored in the regular shooting franchise.

It provided them with a platform on which they can develop a more personal feel towards the characters.

Developers rightly mention that all players do in Borderlands franchise is shoot people, or stare at their faces when talking to them which doesn’t develop the attachment which is required for a good story telling.

In Gearbox version of Borderlands, only choice that players have to make is what weapon to choose and where to shoot the enemy. However, Tales from Borderlands takes a different route altogether as it focuses on the story-telling aspect while including the comical part of Gearbox’s series.

All in all, developers describe Tales from Borderlands as an awesome experience, one that should not be missed by anyone.

The first episode “Zero Sum” is slated for release in 2014 for Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PC.