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Far Cry 4 PC Black Screen Patch Delayed

Some of the Far Cry 4 PC players have been experiencing a few black screen issues whenever a USB device is connected.

Ubisoft offered a workaround for it, advising players to disable USB and certain drivers when playing the game. The workaround did work for a lot of players but it didn’t completely resolve the issue.

Due to this reason, Ubisoft announced that it will be releasing 1.4.0 patch update which will get rid of this problem altogether.

The patch was supposed to arrive sometime yesterday but it has now been delayed and will not be released until next week, which must come as a disappointment to the players who were looking forward to spend this weekend playing the new title.

Far Cry 4 hasn’t faced nearly as many problems as Assassin’s Creed: Unity but this black screen issue has been well documented on the internet, and a lot of players are currently suffering because of it.

In related news, Ubisoft has updated the digital version of the game’s PlayStation 3 version, saying that the users will have to delete the current data and download it all over again.

The issue came to light when several reports started to hit the web, stating that whole Far Cry 4 data is getting corrupt for PS3 players who have downloaded it from PSN.

There’s no other fix for the issues, so if your PS3 data is getting corrupt, you will have to go through the whole downloading process once again.

Overall Far Cry 4 is an incredible ride, and if you are still on the fence about purchasing it, you should check out our review.