Far Cry 4 Map Creator Trailer Shows What This Tool Is Capable Of

One of Far Cry 4’s best features, Map Creator has received its own trailer which guides you through the basics, and showcases the endless possibilities.

Using this tool, Players can add any kind of landscapes, trees, buildings, soldiers, vehicles and of course, animals to the map. The map creator opens up all sorts of possibilities for the players, and gives them full freedom to choose and create whatever they want.

After the creation process is done, players are given an option for sharing the newly created map with other players so that everyone can get in on the action.

Far Cry 4 hit the shelves earlier this week, and has been getting praise all around. It has been appreciated for the amazing open world that is filled with several activities, and the co-op mode which allows you to do almost everything with your friend except story missions.

There’s a ton of stuff to do in the game, and sometimes it is hard to find everything that you are looking for, which in the end can get quite annoying. Save yourself some time and frustration by consulting our Far Cry 4 Guides.

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