EVE Online Trailer Features Your Comms Recordings, It’s Riveting!

Developers of EVE Online, CCP Games have stood by their promise and done something involving ‘you’ in the game. For now, they have released an inspirational trailer focusing on comms recordings from the community members.

If you missed it, here’s what the developers of EVE Online had asked the community back in September:

We have something fun currently winding its way through the blueprint stages over here at internet spaceship headquarters. A portion of our plans will involve *you* and actual, bonafide fleet and corp comms from your activities in EVE.

Now, they have come up with this short but grandiose, trailer where you hear the players planning and undertaking combat sequences. The whole audio video combination shows how much effort would have been put into making the ships that they are battling with – showing pure devotion.

Being released way back in 2003, EVE Online has a subscriber base well over 500,000 which should certainly mean something when you are watching and hearing some of the community members doing what they do best.

You may check out the trailer above and if you can, figure out if you can recognize anything from what you hear. Do let us know about it!