Destiny: The Dark Below Opening Cinematic Warns You About The Darkness

The first expansion of Destiny called The Dark Below is set to release on December 9, and to get the fans psyched for it, the opening cinematic video has been released.

The video warns you of the darkness that is going to befall humanity, and it is now up to Guardians to save the universe. The voice that you hear in the video belongs to an NPC named as Eris, who will appear in the Tower to give new quests and gear to the game.

She along with her friends faced the dangerous Crota, and she was the only one that survived the onslaught. Apart from assisting Eris, The Dark Below will come with a lot of new stuff including new exotic items.

New weapons will include a Scout Rifle, an Auto Rifle, a Sniper Rifle, a Rocker Launcher and a couple of Shotguns. Gear is a very important part of Destiny and the expansion will bring new Helmets, Chests, Boots and Gauntlets.

It will also include few new quests including The Dark Below, Ritual of Sacrifice and Fist of Crota. Finally, there will be two new strikes and a raid mission which will keep you busy for a long time.

Second expansion pack called House of Wolves is currently in development and will release sometime next year.