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Alienware Alpha Console PCs Have Started Shipping

Dell has announced that the shipping of Alienware Alpha is underway. This device is all-in-one gaming “console PC” which was initially revealed as Steam Machine.

The Alpha console PCs are available at different prices with the cheapest one costing $550, then there’s $700, $800 and $900 worth of hardware.

Due to the delay in release of Valve’s Steam controller, the Alpha will come with an Xbox 360 controller.

There are two ways to use this device, either you can plug and play, just as you do with a console or you can use it as a regular PC with Windows 8.1.

Third option is to use a combination of the above two, whichever suits you best. The cheapest model features an Intel Core i3-4130T dual core processor clocked up to 2.9 GHZ, with a 2GB GeForce GTX 860M GPU, plus 4GB DDR3 Ram and 500GB of storage space.

The $700 device comes with double memory and double internal storage but other elements are same as above. Purchasing $800 model will get you a processor up to quad core i5-4590T clocked up to 3.0 GHz, and $900 will get you an i7-4765T clocked up to 3.0 along with 2TB of internal storage.

The machines come pre-loaded with the games like PayDay 2, Metro: Last Light, Magicka, Awesomenauts, Anomaly: Warzone Earth and Strike Suit Zero.

Alienware Alpha will allow users an easy upgradability, which will help them in swapping better RAM and CPU whenever they want without too much of a hassle.

However, GPU is not replaceable and is fixed at Nvidia 860M, which is already outdated when compared to the recent 970M and 980M GPUs.

Source: Dell