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Advanced Warfare Spawn Fix Freezes Game; Patch 1.4 is the Culprit

Ever since Call of Duty Advanced Warfare was released, it has been a tale full of bugs, fixes, bugs again and fixes yet again. Many of the problems have been related to the reliance on peer to peer connections instead of dedicated servers, but we all know that is not all.

Sledgehammer Games confirmed yesterday that they had released a patch for some of the issues being faced by Call of Duty Advanced Warfare community on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The update, Patch 1.4, was released on November 20 and it claimed to fix the bug that spawned players in spectator mode. That was among other things like proper updating of Ping Bar, adjustments to challenges for unlocking camos, eSports Rules in private matches and so on.

However, it seems that is not the only thing that the patch has changed in the game. Many of the Advanced Warfare fans been experiencing horrible freezes on the game after installing Patch 1.4 on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360,

What happens is that the game freezes, players are forced to enter spectator mode (still?) and are not allowed to choose loadouts; that is in addition to some other issues.

Sledgehammer Games has not discussed a fix for the issue so far; but among the community, people are suggesting that the one way to get rid of the newly spawned (oh the irony) problems is to uninstall the Advanced Warfare Patch 1.4.

Of course that wouldn’t be the case if the developers swoop in with a fix.

Have you been experiencing some of these issues in the game? Let us know in the comments below!