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Warframe Archwing Update Is Live; Adds Quests, Weapons, Enemies

Warframe has been out for over a year now and to beef up the game even more, developers have released a new Archwing update.

The update adds new weapons, new player quests, new enemies, new reputation system and a new Limbo.

Archwing is basically a new technology that allows you to fight in space, it is described as:

Archwing is a new technology unique to Tenno and Warframes, allowing you to combat enemy forces in space. Building the Archwing will require players to follow a quest available at Mastery Rank 2 in order to retrieve the necessary components. Once you assemble the Odonata Archwing you’re free to take off and start turning Grineer into stardust.

Furthermore, two new quests have been added to Warframe that will allow you to unlock the new Archwing technology.

New weapons added with this update include OPTICOR, an extremely powerful laser cannon and HALIKAR which is a jet powered throwing mace that will return to the players after impact.

In addition, some new enemies have been added to keep the gameplay fresh and intriguing.

Customization is a big part of Warframe, and the new update brings a ton of new content that will allow you to add modifications and colors to your Archwing.

If you are playing Warframe at the moment, then there’s no reason to miss out on this update.

Source: PlayStation Blog