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Trove’s Candy Barbarian Promotes Gorging On Sweets

Multiplayer sandbox title Trove has a new player class. In the latest original spin of its available roster, the game sees a Candy Barbarian join up.

As a Candy Barbarian, it’s possible to support group members in a unique way. The fighter’s passive ability is that they drop candy when getting hit or striking enemies. These candies give allies a speed and health boost.

Two more moves sound as if they were plucked straight out of Diablo. With Vanilla Swirlwind, the barbarian spin around, which damages surrounding enemies, while Sugar Crash leaps into the air, before stomping down.

Trove’s Candy Barbarian can be acquired either through credits, the game’s currency or with a purchase of the Voxstar Starter Pack. Mind you, that last option will set you back €89.99, so you better be damn sure of your choice.

After a brief Closed Beta, Trove is now available in Open Beta as a free-to-play title. There are, however, possible transactions to get more characters, clothes, mounts and so on.

With Trove, developer Trion Worlds goes after the Minecraft crowd. It previously already did the multiplayer thing with games like Rift and ArcheAge.

In the game, players travel to differently themed worlds with their Cornerstone, which is a piece of their home world that travels with them. It’s possible to create entire dungeons from scratch.

Locations are smeared in saturated colors with black outlines, for a more cartoonish atmosphere. Naturally, the whole is built from cubes, to latch on to the popular model of the sandbox genre.