Titanfall Becomes Best Selling New IP For Xbox One

Respawn Entertainment released their futuristic shooter earlier this year. Fans of the game will be happy to know that the title has reached 7 million players worldwide.

The announcement came from a video of the game’s Deluxe Edition. You can be seen here.

In the footage, community manager Abbie Happie stated:

“Since the launch of Titanfall this past March, our number one priority has been to continue to deliver exciting and new content to our fans.

“In addition to our three DLC map packs we’ve also created a huge amount of content through our free updates. Taking fan feedback to heart, we’re constantly working to improve the game for everyone and to give all 7 million unique users new ways to play Titanfall.”

The Deluxe Edition of Titanfall includes the base game along with its three expansion pack; IMC Rising, Frontier’s Edge and Expedition.

Respawn also revealed that after being played by 7 million gamers, Titanfall has become the best-selling new IP for Xbox One.

Titanfall’s Deluxe Edition is now available for PC on Origins, for $39.99. However, Xbox One players can grab a copy for $49.99 starting November 25.