Planetside 2 Gets Over 20 Minutes Of Live Stream Gameplay

Sony is gearing up to bring the hugely popular MMO Planeside 2 to PlayStation 4 soon. To get the fans psyched for the game, SOE has streamed over 20 minutes of PS4 gameplay on Twitch.

The gameplay is recorded off-screen so it is difficult to tell how the game will actually look and feel like, but it looks as fun as the PC version.

Plenty of customization and store options are showcased in the stream along with a few maps and some incredible gameplay.

Currently, there are no details provided on Planetside 2 beta, but developers assure that more information on that will be revealed at PlayStation Experience event.

The game is basically a re-imaging of the original title. It features the same universe and factions, plus the time period is also pretty identical.

On the gameplay side, it is better than the original in almost every way. The combat is faster, and can feature thousands of players at the same time.

Elements like iron sights, re-generating shields and sprinting are also present, providing a fun FPS gameplay.

It is an MMO, which means everything that you do will earn you some experience points, which will increase the characters’ battle rank and reward them with certification points.

There’s no fixed release date for Planetside 2 PS4 version at the moment but hopefully, developers will announce it soon.