Mobile Anno: Build an Empire Out Now

Another one of publisher Ubisoft’s franchises is headed to mobile devices. An iOS version of Anno: Build an Empire is available on the App Store now.

There’s no cost to a download of the game, which is to say it’s free, but Apple is moving away from using that word on its mobile store. Production is in hands of developer Blue Byte, who has partaken in a lot of free-to-play efforts for Ubisoft in the past.

Previous work from the studio includes several iterations for The Settlers franchise, such as the online rendition of the game. Currently, the developer is working on a more action-oriented version of the city builder.

Blue Byte also has past experiences with recent Anno games, such as Anno 2070 and Anno Online.

So, you can expect a game that pretty much runs like the rest in the series. Players start with a ship in some tropical location and build out a small settlement.

From those humble beginnings, it’s possible to expand into greater territory, amass a fleet, upgrade roads, turn houses into mansions for better citizens and so on. You’ll also have to reach beyond the first island to get space and resources necessary for the budding empire.

In Anno: Build an Empire, there are over 60 resources and 150 different buildings. There’s a slight puzzle element in the city builder that requires houses to be in close proximity of others to gain their benefits.

Additionally, the mobile release will allow players to trade with each other.

Currently, Anno: Build an Empire is only available on iOS, but an Android version is in the works. You’ll either need an iPad 2, iPhone 4S or better, running on iOS 7.1, to play the game.

Aside from Anno: Build an Empire, Ubisoft previously made mobile games for the likes of Assassin’s Creed.