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Microsoft Survey Asks How Satisfied You Are With PS4

Microsoft is handing out surveys that cover various areas of interest and inquire whether consumers prefer the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

The survey is basically on Microsoft’s competition and the company wants to know what makes the PS4 tick. This would be a valuable insight for Microsoft that would help it note down the likes and dislikes of the masses. This would give Microsoft a great track to run on with the new year just around the corner.

Some of the questions revealed by users on forums were:

  • How frequently do you play games on each of these consoles? – listing down all current and previous-gen consoles.
  • Overall how satisfied are you with your Xbox One or PlayStation 4?
  • How important are the following PS4 features and benefits to you? – listing down aspects such as PSN experience, the Share button, visual quality, price, etc.
  • How satisfied are you with the following PS4 features and benefits?
  • Which console would you prefer in the following areas? – listing down features such as online experience, hardware power, upcoming games, new bundles, etc.

Sony did a similar survey last month where it also asked consumers to compare both consoles and rank them in different categories.

It was recently reported that the Xbox One has managed to sell one million units in the UK, having outsold the PlayStation 4 for three weeks in a row.