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Kiss Ltd Releases Two Games On Steam Today

Publisher Kiss Ltd releases two games on Steam today: Inside the Gear and Motorama: Classic Racing. Most companies wouldn’t be undercutting themselves with simultaneous releases, but given the increased PC output this year, it’s less uncommon to see more than one game make it to storefronts at once.

Inside the Gear is a physics puzzle game. Here, the objective is to get a wheel to stop on a certain platform in one of the game’s levels.

Doing so, however, isn’t exactly easy, as the completion of a puzzle is fully dependent on physics. A plank and a cube can be set to react in a certain way to gravity and momentum, to which the wheel may or may not end up in the right place.

There are 25 levels in total. In the release for Inside the Gear, Kiss states that the game retails for $14.99 or €12.99, but the Steam page currently shows a much lower price, in case you want to jump on it before it changes.


Motorama: Classic Racing is pretty much what the byline states. You get to choose from a range of different cruisers from the fifties and then race against others.

It’s possible to customize your ride. Several game modes are available. Motorama: Classic Racing normally sells for $19.99 or €16.99, but Steam once more shows a different tag, though not as favorable as the previous one.

In recent news, publisher Kiss announced that it had plans to release dozens of games in the next six months. This certainly drives that point home.