Final Fantasy XV Demo is One to Four Hours Long Says Tabata

We have been waiting on more news regarding the Final Fantasy XV demo i.e. Episode Duscae that has been mentioned numerous times ever since it was leaked in September.

We had reported some time ago that the length of the demo was expected to be comparable with the Final Fantasy VIII demo (just a refresher, it lasted around an hour or more). Now we have picked up confirmation from Hajime Tabata, the game director that the demo length will vary from one to four hours.

He said that while you could end it quickly in one hour, taking your time doing everything would take up around four hours. On average it will take two hours for a normal playthrough.

That is not all; Tabata said something about the Final Fantasy XV demo being limited. Since he was talking in Japanese we have had to rely on the translations provided and other alternative sources to clear up the confusion around this.

The initial impressions were that the demo itself will be limited in quantity i.e. only a few people will get it. However, alternative translations suggest that Tabata was probably talking about the time frame in which the demo download will be allowed; meaning that everyone who downloads it in the given time frame will be able to play it.

If you wish to get your hands on the Final fantasy XV demo, it is being offered as a preorder bonus with the other title that Square Enix is working on i.e. Final Fantasy Type-0.

You may check out the entire discussion in the embedded video above.