Fat Chicken Release Date Set On December 4

Tower defense game Fat Chicken has announced a release date with a new trailer, called Supply Meats Demand. It puts the farm-themed title up on Steam’s main storefront on December 4, 2014.

Right now, Fat Chicken is doing a fairly short stunt through Early Access. After trying and succeeding in a Steam Greenlight campaign, the game was put on the development store in October.

It’s rare to see a game run its pipeline so smoothly. In fact, the latest statistics show that a lot of projects tend to linger on Early Access.

The trailer for Fat Chicken sort of explains the theme of the game, more than the gameplay itself. It shows a processing company that takes in livestock and fattens them up, to produce as much meat as possible.

On the other end, environmentalists protest the mistreatment of animals that are artificially plumped up. Profits shouldn’t lead to villainy.

In Fat Chicken, however, you work for the villains. You will be in charge of the processing lines, where chicken, pigs and cows pass, before going into the slaughter house.

The goal is to ensure that animals not only are as fat as possible, but also just stay alive until they get to their end. Water and food stations can be set up at certain points, complemented with grow hormones.

After a while, protestors or even aliens can swoop in to try to thwart the company’s machinations.  Special structures can be built as well, to dam in problems.

Aside from a release on Steam, Fat Chicken will also be available on iOS on the same date.