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Dragon Age Inquisition Carries Impactful Characters that Shape the Game

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Dragon Age franchise has always emphasized on the characters of the game, be it your followers or enemies you battle; each character has a unique background story and personality, and that hasn’t changed with Dragon Age Inquisition.

This is not a game where you come in solo and either win or go down swinging. This is where you bring your companions to the battlefield! You are the Inquisitor, i.e. the leader of the organization but the game plays with the help of your companions and your advisors.

Of course, you have the ultimate choice, but this is not just about fighting right?

It is the sweetest RPG we have seen this season, which is why each of the characters who come with you, impacts you – positively and sometimes even negatively. This makes companions and advisors very important to the game.

As it happens, BioWare has done a very good job of rounding up all the desirable characteristics and poured them into the key characters separately.

An overview of each of the characters would tell you that the game has almost everything you would want –along with the exclusive personalities of each and every one of them.

You have got evenly powered (one way or another) party members; whether it is Dorian the Mage of Tevinter Imperium, The Iron Bull who is a Qunari mercenary or the most flaunted butt in the game, Sera; each of them has something that keeps them at par with the others.

At one hand, the game has Cole (from Asunder the novel where no one really knew what he was), he is a demon, and he can kill off the enemies without anyone seeing him. However, his presence would be eerie to many of the other party members, so that’s one choice you will have to make.

On the other hand, it has characters like The Iron Bull, a Qunari spy who is so open although you know what he is really up to. He can help you tactically, and he can take care of almost anyone in the field; however, what puts him in contrast to Cole is that he is a tad more social than you would expect.

You have strong-willed idealistic characters like Blackwall, who has been hardened by war and still stays firm on the mores of the Wardens; but then you also have free willed young Sera. She is raw, and she is genuine; both of whom are characteristics that you would seldom find in Thedas.

Sera is not the only free willed character though, Cassandra fills the credentials in her own ways. While she is an agent to the Divine, she also believes in doing what she thinks is right, and she would even stand against you for it.

While you have characters like Solas who rely on the ancient ruins to get closer to the Fade; you also have politicians like Vivienne, who while being experienced with magic can deal more damage politically.

The story doesn’t end there; most of the characters have a history with each other, and here are a few highlights just to give you an idea of how complex their relationships with each other are:

  • The Iron Bull and Varric don’t get along too well (Varric doesn’t like the Qunari), and the latter doesn’t like Cassandra because of what went down in Dragon Age 2.
  • Similarly, since Vivienne is a pro-establishment figure, she doesn’t get along too well with Dorian.

If you are into Vivienne and would like to Cosplay her, watch Amie Lynn walk you through how you can create a Vivienne costume:

All in all, Dragon Age Inquisition has a pretty well rendered and complex graph of who is who and what is what. It is going to be fun!

Dragon Age Inquisition is available on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and PS3.