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Call Of Duty: Heroes Is Out Now For iOS And Windows 8 Tablets, Android Version Coming Soon

Activision has released a new entry in the famous Call of Duty franchise. This time it’s a free-to-play base defense game called Call of Duty: Heroes for Android, iOS and Windows 8.

The game features most of the main characters that we have seen in the main series including Captain Price, Soap MacTavish, Mike Harper and more.

Players who have played Clash of Clans will get accustomed to the gameplay right away. In the game, you are allowed to customize your bases and go against your friends in online battles.

Just like every game, you will not be given everything from the get go. You will start with a small outpost and you must upgrade it with new equipment and weapons.

There are more than 30 upgradable structures in Call of Duty: Heroes. These upgrades include sentry guns, SAM turrets, mines and a lot more.

Once you feel you are strong enough to take on other bases, you can attack other players through online matches.

Furthermore, you will be able to level up your characters and take advantage of kill streaks.

The game follows the freemium model, which means that it is free to download and play but there are multiple micro-transactions that can go up to $100.

Call of Duty: Heroes is available now on iOS and Windows 8 tablets, while Android version is still in the making and will arrive soon.