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Bombing Bastards Brings Bomberman To Steam Next Month

Indie developer Sanuk Games has announced that their latest project, Bombing Bastards, will get a Steam release on December 4, 2014. It already released on Wii U this summer.

On Nintendo’s eShop, the game sold for €6.99, so while there’s no solid price for the PC version right now, somewhere around that number is likely to happen. In the past, Sanuk Games has sold most of their smaller titles at that price, certainly when focusing on a line of PSP Minis releases.

Bombing Bastards is an arcade title throwback of top-down views, grids with separated blocks and cross explosions. Characters try to outsmart each other and trap the opposition in a deadly detonation.

Aside from just dropping bombs, it’s possible to pick up a series of power-ups. These items can increase the length of an explosion or grant the ability to throw the bombs, instead of planting them.

There are 30 mazes set in 5 different worlds. Enemies can vary and some bigger boss fights are included in the singleplayer adventure as well.

In that campaign, players assist Dr. Wily Dr. Wallow, which is voiced by David Goldfarb, who has previously worked on Nintendo titles like Mario Kart 8. It’s as if someone is trying to connect to a certain sense of nostalgia.

We said it when the game was announced and we’ll say it again: Bombing Bastards is directly similar to Bomberman. In that reveal, Sanuk Games promised an exclusive online mode for Steam and it has delivered on that word, offering up to 8 players online.

Bombing Bastards was also announced for PS4. In regards to an Xbox One version, the developer stated that it would make one if Microsoft licensed them in a timely manner, but there have not been updates on that since the announcement.

Remember: Bomberman is all but dead, so this could be your best alternative to bring that game into the modern age.