New Xbox One App Promises to Improve Matchmaking

Overdog has raised $1.8 million for their new matchmaking app for Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Overdog is a new company, and their aim with this app is to give players a friendlier experience on Xbox One with an improved matchmaking system.

We often meet people online via matchmaking randomly, and most of the time we don’t like them and avoid talking at all. Especially those 12-year-old kids can be highly annoying sometimes.

Things will improve with Overdog’s app, that will allow you to find other players through shared interests, rather than random matchmaking.

Overdog raised $1.8 million from capital firms and individual investors such as Allen Debevoise, the founder of Machinima and Mark Pincus, the founder of Zynga. The money they raised will be used to hire talented new staff, in addition to marketing and launching this app.

According to Overdog president Hunter Hillenmeyer:

“If you love Game of Thrones, the San Fransisco 49ers, The Black Keys, and OpTic Gaming, we think those factors should help determine who you play with when you sit down for a game of Call of Duty,”

He further added:

“Overdog can find the ideal gaming partner for whatever game you are about to play, and, of equal importance, we can help filter out the bad apples.”

Moreover, the company wants to improve matchmaking for all platforms, including PlayStation and PC. They have further revealed that the company is working on another matchmaking app for a different platform.

Their idea is certainly promising enough and has the potential to create a better and friendlier online gaming environment across all platforms.

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Source: Venturebeat