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Elite: Dangerous Dev Issuing Refunds Over Missing Offline Play

Frontier Developments has begun refunding a specific circle of players who were notably annoyed and disappointed over the recently cancelled offline mode of Elite: Dangerous.

In the game’s latest newsletter, designer David Braben clarified that the single-player mode will still be accessible to players. However, it will just be online now.

He explained that Elite: Dangerous is an MMO and “technically always has been.” Playing the game offline would only result in more of an empty experience and with its online elements, the title offers so much more.

A previous statement that started the whole debacle said that the developer would be dropping offline completely. Many took this in the context that the single-player mode is being scrapped.

He also noted that the studio has already begun issuing refunds to those who pre-ordered the game through the online store and had no access through either the alpha or beta. However, those who backed the game through its Kickstarter page or the ones who were active testers will not be eligible for a refund.

Elsewhere in the newsletter, Braben highlighted the new 3.9 update which brings changes to the map and ship outfitting. It also adds news ways to reach the rank of Elite and open-mic voice communications.

Elite: Dangerous is set for an official release on December 16.