Destiny The Dark Below Expansion’s Opening Cinematic Leaked

The opening cinematic for Destiny’s first expansion pack The Dark Below has been leaked online ahead of schedule.

The leak comes through YouTube user Mr. Jester6598, who allegedly was able to obtain it through an error. Wasn’t long before multiple sites mirrored the video through their own channels and so I highly doubt it’s going to be that fruitful for Sony to take down every single one of them – that is if they choose to do so.

The Dark Below is scheduled for release on December 9 and will be priced at $19.99. The downloadable content expansion pack will feature new Story missions (The Veil Lifted, The Seeding, The Wakening), Strike missions (Will of Crota, The Undying Mind), Raids (Crota’s End), bounties, weapons and armor that can boost a Guardian’s Light level to 32. The pack will also bring three new competitive multiplayer maps.

The Undying Mind Strike mission will remain exclusive for the PlayStation platform until Fall 2015, while the rest will be available to the Xbox community.

The second expansion pack, House of Wolves, is also in development currently and will release next year.