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Bloodborne: New Morphing Weapon and Veteran Hunter Revealed

Sony has unveiled more information about its upcoming action role-playing exclusive Bloodborne.

Posting on the official PlayStation blog, a handful of new monsters and weapons were showcased by a developer from From Software.

Wandering through the Hemwick graveyard will make you come across an old rickety manor which is inhabited by a “powerful eyeball-collecting old witch.” Previously revealed at TGS, the overdressed priest Gascoigne was mentioned who can be found in Yharnam wielding a giant axe.

There’s also Gyula, an “old veteran hunter” who ventured into the old part of Yharnam and hasn’t been seen in ages. He’s said to posses “amazing skill” and looks to be someone players should stay away from unless they’re with reinforcements.

A new transforming cane was also revealed, which is a melee weapon for short ranged attacks in its standard form. However, it can morph into a bladed whip that shreds enemies at range.

From Software also hinted towards a randomly generated area which lies “deep under the city of Yharnam.” This network of ruins seemingly changes and offers a new maze to every one who dares ventures forward.

Finally there’s the Cainhurst castle, a remote mansion whose wealthy family of inhabitants vanished without a trace. The place is said to contain many secrets that’s worth discovering but at the same time is also guarded by foes of the night.

Bloodborne releases for the PlayStation 4 on March 27.