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WWE 2K15 MyCareer Mode Crashes Game on Xbox One if Online

The latest installment in the WWE 2K series was unleashed onto PS4 and Xbox One yesterday; but sadly it didn’t come without its fair share of bugs and glitches.

Right now we are talking about a bug in the MyCareer Mode that is making WWE 2K15 crash on the Xbox One as soon as you launch it while staying online.

What actually happens is that once you have created your wrestler and you go on to save it and start playing, the game crashes and you are sent forcibly to the dashboard. Obviously you lose anything that you made or attained.

This happens even if you enter MyCareer and create the wrestler to play with or make the wrestler in the My Creations section and import him/her to the MyCareer Mode.

Now, according to some of the discussions that are taking place regarding the said glitch over at the official forums of WWE 2K15, some of the users have found a way around the issue.

Apparently, the game will not crash if you are not connected to the internet when you have launched the game.

We understand that this is not a proper fix for the issue and naturally, not one that the players would want to rely on for as long as they are playing the game. So here’s to hoping that Visual Concepts will be quick to respond with an official fix at hand.

Do let us know if you have faced anything like this on the PlayStation 4 version of WWE 2K15 though, and also if you experienced any other issues with the game elsewhere.