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Titanfall: Deluxe Edition Announced, Includes All Three DLC Packs

Titanfall: Deluxe Edition will add all three DLC packs into one standalone digital package and is available right now on PC, while it will release on November 25 for the Xbox One, developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher EA has announced.

The game has so far received Expedition, Frontier’s Edge and IMC Rising. Those who didn’t get a chance to purchase the added packs or were waiting for a sale of sorts can now choose to get their hands on this complete package instead.

Additionally the new digital version will also include all of the updates that the main game has received so far, including tweaks, balances and the four-player cooperative mode Frontier Defense.

On the PC, Titanfall: Deluxe Edition will cost $40, while it will be priced at $50 on the Xbox One. At this point EA has not revealed pricing for its European consumer base.

Titanfall was released in March and justified its on going hype as a phenomenal arcade shooter.

The game has gone on to become on the best-selling new IPs on the Xbox One and its developer support has done well in adding new modes and other elements for players, such as customization options and Ranked Play.