This War of Mine Developer Gives Pirates Steam Codes

Developer 11 bit studios has had a fairly good run so far with critical reception for its latest release, This War of Mine. Still, as with all games, some pirates have put it up for torrent, which spurred the team to reach out to illegal downloaders.

In the comment section of This War of Mine’s most popular torrent, the developer’s PR representative, Karol Zajaczkowski, passed on Steam codes with the following message:

If because of some reasons you can’t buy the game, its ok. We know life, and we know that sometimes it’s just not possible.

Here are some codes for the steam copy of the game, so some of you can take a look at it.

Absolving the torrenting community for their sins, the studio asked for nothing in return for their generosity. They did continue with a suggestion:

If you like the game after spending few hours in, then just spread the word, and you’ll help us a lot.

It’s kind of topical of the developer to hand out charitable items. This War of Mine is a survival game where a group of citizens stuck in a war zone are forced to live off scraps that they find at night.

After scavenger hunts, it’s possible to upgrade the survivors’ hideout, to make it more resilient and comfortable. During the siege, players will also be forced to make life or death decisions, as resources are scarce and not everyone can be helped.

This War of Mine is randomly generated, so no two sieges should be the same. It’s available on Steam now for $19.99.

Source: PCGamesN.