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The Blue Flamingo Is A Shoot ‘Em Up Done Entirely With Handcrafted Miniatures

Developer Might and Delight released their surprise project on Steam already, only a few weeks after announcing it. The Blue Flamingo, which was teased with recent news for Shelter 2, is available now for €4.99 on Steam.

Just like the company’s other projects, The Blue Flamingo has a unique visuals style. This top-down shoot ‘em up was made entirely from handmade miniatures.

A huge, 32-feet model was built to create this world of tiny buildings, plants and vehicles. As the handcrafted aircrafts fly through the sky, the ground can be seen moving along with its own models as well.

Even special effects were done through ingenious green screen filming. Firecrackers and other pyrotechnics were used to generate explosions and such.

As a game, The Blue Flamingo pits the shooter mechanism with a risk and reward system. Players rack up a score, which can be used to purchase upgrades necessary to take on bigger challenges.

Score can also be used to generate interests at the end of a stage. If players hold on to their points, they’ll be able to use more credits in the next event.

So, The Blue Flamingo manages the player’s greed with skills. Either take lower upgrades early on or try to complete increasingly more difficult stages to use big bonuses later.

Recently, developer Might and Delight had to announce that their other project, Shelter 2, would have to be delayed to 2015. The sequel features a lynx family that needs to survive out in the wild.

The Blue Flamingo proves that the studio is heavily invested in appealing art design. We only hope that such a tiny launch campaign will still let the game find its place in the limelight.