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Remedy Games Hiring For a “Blockbuster” Title For iOS

Remedy Games are famous for their work on games like Alan Wake, Max Payne and who can forget about the upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Quantum Break.

Now, it seems as though they will be using their talents to bring something special to iOS. Mobile platform is nothing new to Remedy, just last month they released Agents of Storm for iOS and confirmed its arrival on Windows Phone.

However, according to a job listing by Remedy Games, the company is looking for an Animator, to work on a “blockbuster” iOS game.

Remedy Entertainment, the creator of Max Payne, Alan Wake and Death Rally and one of the leading independent game studios in the world is now looking for an Animator to help us realize our vision for the next blockbuster title on iOS.

It’s hard to make something out of this. There are so many possibilities. As I mentioned above, Agents of Storm is already available on iOS and released last month, so it’s too soon to be working on a sequel. So chances are that this could be related to a new project. What could it be?

We have reached out to Remedy Games for a comment, as soon as we hear something back, we’ll let you know.