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PS4 Dominating Sales in Germany With One Million Units Sold Already

Although EA believes that the Xbox One is catching up to the PS4 but things seem pretty opposite to this statement, at least in Germany. PS4 is crushing Microsoft’s latest home-console and has reached the one million systems sold milestone.

The impressive milestone was reached by Sony on October 21, the hardware giant confirmed the news:

“Neu-Isenburg: November 18th, 2014. Sony Computer Entertainment Germany announced today that over 1,000,000 PlayStation 4 systems have been sold in Germany. The milestone was reached on October 21st 2014. The impressive number underlines once again the PS4′s enormous popularity among the gaming community less than a year after the official launch.”

This makes PS4 the #1 selling console in Germany. Not only this is an massive lead over the Wii U, but also over its rival Xbox One. If we look at some other figures (provided by NeoGaf), the Xbox and Wii U has sold 170,000 and 350,000 respectively as of August 2014.

Furthermore, PS4’s overall worldwide growth is remarkable as well. Sony has sold more than 10 million consoles worldwide and shipped a total of 13.5 million units.

However, we can’t declare a winner just yet as this is marathon not a sprint. With the recent price drops and bundle mixed with a strong fall 2014 line-up, Microsoft can give some tough competition to Sony, this holiday season. So, it will be interesting to see for exactly how long PS4 can keep the momentum going.

Still, I believe that whoever comes out on top, the actual winner will be the consumer, don’t you think?