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Omega Quintet Coming To North America And Europe In Spring Of 2015

Compile Heart has announced that its new title Omega Quintet will be making its way to Europe and North America in the spring of 2015.

The game will be released both digitally and physically, and will feature the voice-overs in English and Japanese languages.

Omega Quintet is totally about music, and you will have to harness the power of each song in order to defeat the enemies. Every fight in the game will be a performance, and your objective will be to satisfy the audience.

There’s an interesting Concert Mode as well, which allows you to get boosts from your music and fill up your voltage gauge to unleash special moves and skills.

Moreover, the characters are completely customizable, as the game offers a vast array of options to choose from. Omega Quintet also features Lethal Harmonies, which will help you defeat your opponents; they are described as:

An idol group combines their talents to create beautiful harmonies, and with the “Harmonics” system, you can sing your enemies right into their graves! Create deadly super chains of attacks, utilizing each idol’s skill in the right order to keep the pain coming – it’ll be music to your ears!

You will also be able create unique performances and share them with the community through the PS4 share feature.