MapleStory 2 Reveals Custom Worlds And Boss Fights

There’s a new trailer out for MapleStory 2 that shows off its different worlds. In this massively multiplayer online (MMO) title, players can customize their own environment with the use of blocks of a certain theme.

Unlike its predecessor, which popularized 2D MMO’s, the sequel will opt for a world in full 3D. As such, custom cubes can have a strong resemblance to a few Minecraft textures or “biomes,” if that’s your preferred term.

Still, the trailer also goes to show metallic locations or coastal environments, so there are plenty of worlds to create. Moreover, MapleStory 2 allows for users to make areas purely for divertissement, such as a racing track or a dance hall.

Those who want more action can look to the end of the trailer. There, MapleStory 2 displays some of the combat, which comes in different classes.

There are the usual swords and arrows, as well as a few special moves. Some characters, however, use more impromptu weaponry, such as someone using a telephone pole for a bat.

MapleStory 2 will, like its progenitor, use cutesy visuals for characters and monsters alike. Beaten raccoons in forest areas yield a bunch of coins, giving the MMO a little arcade feel.

Aside from regular combat encounters, the clip reveals a few nasty boss fights. These giant creatures are able to split the land in half with their attacks.

Publisher Nexon is currently in the process of launching several large projects. Together with MapleStory 2, the company has Blue Streak from Cliffy B, Human Element from Robert Bowling and a cryptic title from the Sleeping Dogs developers in production.

Source: Siliconera.