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Gran Turismo 6 Update 1.14 Has Now Gone Live

Gran Turismo 6 update 1.14 is now live. The new update might be the biggest yet. Why? Because it brings one of the most-requested feature, community tools. That’s not all, it also adds new car, updated tracks, events and more.

Community is now added to the online section of My Home. In the community, players can create clubs, host races for club members and much more.

There is also a new challenge added to the Sierra Time Rally. However, to compete in this challenge or in any other race, you’ll need cars, powerful cars.

In addition to the already available line-up, players will be able to take control of a BMW Performance Edition. After you install the update, the car will become available for purchase from the dealership.

Like most updates, this one also comes with a bunch of fixes and improvements. You can see some of the highlights from the change log below:

  • A new [Onboard Mic Position] setting has been added to the [Sound Volume] category of the [Sound] page within the [Options] screen in the [MENU] (accessible by pressing the START button). The same setting has also been added to the [Driving Options] of the “Quick Menu”, displayed before a race starts.
  • [Replay BGM] and [Replay Sound Effects] settings have been added to the [Quick Option] menu available when playing replays.
  •  Tuning and customization options have been expanded for the BMW M4 ’14 and the BMW M4 Coupé Frozen Black Metallic ’14.”

Update 1.14 is 548 MB is size. To know more about 1.14, visit the official Gran Turismo website here.