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Far Cry 4’s Creative Director Gets Personal Project Greenlit by Ubisoft Montreal

Alex Hutchinson, creative director at Ubisoft Montreal, has revealed that a “personal game pitch” of his has just been greenlit by Ubisoft for development.

He will now form a team with some of his previous Assassin’s Creed developers to work on the new project, since they are now done with the studio’s bigger projects.

Hutchinson however has refrained from discussing his game for now. The creative director stressed on the fact that there’s still much work to be done and many red tapes to go through before he can feel comfortable to disclose information.

“There’s different pressures on these sorts of projects, but at least at the moment we’ve got the OK from the studio to try something new,” he said.

The greenlit program is part of Ubisoft Montreal’s internal entrepreneurial initiative which encourages its staff to pitch new ideas between projects. Those that garner interest are flagged for development and support by Ubisoft.

The beautiful looking Child of Light was also a result of this program that saw Patrick Plourde from the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry franchise work with a team at Ubisoft Montreal. Before that we got Valiant Hearts and the Blood Dragon mod for Far Cry 3, that basically fueled the initiative in the first place.

In the future we can expect many more such projects to materialize from Ubisoft.

Source: CVG