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Far Cry 4 Live Update Site Launched, Helps Track Patch Updates

Ubisoft has launched a new website that contains live updates for Far Cry 4 that will help players keep track of current and future improvements.

The game was launched just yesterday with a day-one patch that looks to correct many bugs and performance issues, that nowadays are almost inevitable for new releases.

It’s advisable for players to update their game to the new version and see if the issues they are facing are corrected.

If not or if there are other issues plaguing your game, head over to the live update site to know if Ubisoft has been able to reproduce the problem.

Reproduction enables a developer to quickly work on a fix. Right now Ubisoft is fixated on three “primary issues” that have so far been majorly reported.

  • Crashing to a black screen during loading: Ubisoft has been able to reproduce this problem and believes it might be related to the presence of conflicting peripherals, although what those peripherals might be aren’t mentioned. One user suggests Logitech devices might be a cause of trouble, but that’s entirely anecdotal.
  • PlayStation 3 game data corruption: This isn’t really our bag and Ubisoft doesn’t have much to say about it except that it may or may not be related to having previously played Far Cry 3.
  • Preorder code redemption: Anyone who preordered Far Cry 4 should have been emailed a code for the Blood Ruby mission. Not everyone has received the email, however, and not all emails that were sent out actually contained a code.

If you’ve encountered an issue that’s not listed on the website, Ubisoft asks you to submit a ticket through the Ubisoft Support site and inform them about it.

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Source: Far Cry 4 Live Update