Far Cry 4 Fans Complaining About FOV Slider Seem to Have Pirated Copies

Developers spend countless hours and spend a huge amount of money to develop a game. So, obviously they have every right to protect their product from getting in the hands of pirates.

Over the years, many methods were used to protect video games from piracy but pirates always find a way around them.

And like every other game, Far Cry 4 is a victim of piracy as well. However, Far Cry 4 did use a little trick to identify the pirated version. People who bought legit copies of the game will know that Far Cry 4 does have an FOV slider on PC. This feature was added with the game’s day-one patch.

Still, over the internet, some people were complaining about lack of FOV control in the game and bashed Ubisoft for it.

Regarding similar issues companies often release statements, saying that they are looking into it or will be fixing it with a patch, but Ubisoft did the opposite. The company revealed that whoever is complaining about FOV, has a pirated copy of the game.

The revelation was made on Twitter by Alex Hutchinson, Creative Director at Ubisoft Montreal:

“PC players! If you’re online complaining about the lack of FOV control … You pirated the game.”

This makes sense because as I mentioned above, the feature was added via a day-one update. So, if you have a pirated copy, you’re not getting an update. Hence, no FOV control. This neat little trick is gaining popularity among developers to counter piracy. EA did something similar with Sims 4 and now Ubisoft is following in its foot-steps.