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Dota 2 Patch Brings Oracle + Phantom Assassin Arcana

The Dota 2 hero roster continues to grow as one of the last remaining Dota 1 exclusive heroes gets ported.

Oracle has come to let you seize the fates of both friend and foe. Weave your power into a harmful bolt that stops your enemies and removes helpful auras. Or render an ally resistant to harmful magics.

Combine either approach with your double-edged purifying flames, and you’ll have all you need to aid or destroy. Still in danger? Delay an ally’s doom with a false promise, and give them the time needed to see their destiny to its fullest.

As Oracle, the future is always in your hands.

As his lore indicates, Oracle is a really versatile hero who can support his allies really well, and he can also heavily damage enemies.

He is a bit on the strong side, as agreed by many, being able to heal for 4 digits as well as dealing 360 damage for a really short amount of mana at level 7.

If you want to earn some matchmaking rating, I recommend picking him before everyone else, and before he gets nerfed. Furthermore, we finally get some more promised rewards from The International 4 compendiums, like the Phantom Assassin’s awesome Arcana:

Phantom Assassin Arcana

This Arcana has some really cool features such as an evolution as the player fulfills contracts, a memorial on each of the PA’s victims in the battlefield, new altered voice, new dual wielding animations and much more!

Other features in this patch include the upgraded model for creeps, the promised base customization and compendium gems. Finally, Broodmother and Phoenix have been added to Captain’s Mode, expect both to make an impact on this year’s remaining tournaments.

Full patch notes can be read here.