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Destiny Expansion Pass Brings an Exclusive Sparrow Today

Recently, fans of Destiny got the biggest change in the game so far i.e. the update 1.0.3. However, there is more. If you have purchased the Destiny Expansion Pass, you are going to get an additional free gift today, thanks to Bungie.

You are in for a treat called EV-30 Tumbler, an exclusive Sparrow!

This vehicle is of legendary class (details have been explained later) and everyone who holds the $30 Destiny Expansion Pass can visit the good old Postmaster to get their hands on it.

Also, it is not just that you get the exclusive Sparrow; this ride can do more than what you expect. For instance, when you press and hold RT it will activate the trick mode and then let you flip the vehicle over and even do a barrel roll.

According to this Reddit post, you also have a couple of other tricks up your sleeves with this one.

While holding RT use the different gestures on d pad for additional tricks:

Left and right: Can Can on respective side
Up: no hander
Down: superman

Last but not the least; you can mix up the barrel rolls with the gestures too. Check out this video for more.

Even the design of the exclusive sparrow is different from the usual ones. It is painted with orange flames over a bright blue base color – remind you of Optimus Prime actually.

The Sparrow has a rating of 100 and needless to say, it will be far more durable and speedy than usual.

If you own the Destiny Expansion Pass but haven’t picked up yours yet, we suggest you crank up that game and pay a visit to the Postmaster.