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Defiance Has Gone Free-To-Play on Xbox 360

We have been hearing of this happening for a while and now finally, Defiance has gone free-to-play on Microsoft’s Xbox 360. If you are interested, head down to the Xbox Marketplace and download your copy of the game free of cost.

The game can also be downloaded via

Furthermore, Players with slow Internet connection won’t have to worry because the game is only 50.6GB is the size. So it won’t take too long to download.

For those new to the game, Defiance is an MMO developed by Trion Worlds, and it has a tie-in with a TV show of the same name. Season 3 of Defiance (Tv Show) will air in 2015.

Defiance (the Video game) features dynamic events known as Arkfalls, similar to events in Tabula Rasa and Rift. Arkfalls are chunks of extraterrestrial ships that fall from the sky, containing valuable technology.

Unlike other MMO games, Defiance does not have any character classes. Instead, players are allowed to choose an origin. There are four origins in the game, including Veterans, Machinists, Outlaws and Survivalists.

Players have a great deal of control over their character’s physical appearance. They can customize hair, gender, clothes, tattoos and facial features.

When it comes to clothing, Defiance is a bit different from other games. Players shouldn’t confuse cloths with gear as they will have to affect on any of the character abilities.